In 2014 we celebrated 265 years of Adelaide’s birth and how God guided her steps till she met Fr. Peter Joseph de Clorivière to whom she presented Her Plan for a Pious Society…

While maintaining the essence of Religious life through the vows of poverty, chastity, obedience a few women would live in common without habit, without cloister, spending time in prayer and good work

Fr. Peter Joseph de Clorivière, was a young Jesuit when he experienced the growing irreligiousness in France. The Society of Jesus was already suppressed. He watched the happenings and the audacity of the philosophers and their ideas. He realised that France was in turmoil.
The violent and irreligious atmosphere in France was another source of suffering. During the rumbling of the French Revolution in 1789 violence and lawlessness increased in incredible proportions

Leave France? Go to safer climes?

While in prayer one morning in this chapel, a thought struck him very forcefully. He heard interiorly and clearly
Why not in the whole world?
He was also shown in the twinkling of an eye the plan which would be useful to the Church
He immediately put down in writing what he had experienced and used four verses from the Gospel to give direction to the Spirituality of the new Society.